Compression socks are special socks that are used to squeeze your legs to promote blood circulation and help with achiness, pain, swelling in lower extremity. 

Normally, veins carry deoxygenated blood to the heart and they have one way valves to allow the flow of blood in one direction. In some conditions, the valves do not work effectively causing back flow of blood into the veins. Which further causes poor circulation. Compression socks apply gentle pressure on the lower extremity to help the valves to work effectively and prevent pooling of blood.


Compression socks:

  • Boost blood circulation
  • Support veins 
  • Lessen leg swelling 
  • Reduce diameter of the blood veins
  • Help prevent blood refluxes downwards towards foot or laterally to superficial veins 


Who can benefit from compression socks? 

  1. People with circulation problems or at risk of circulation problems.
  2. Pregnant women
  3. Post surgery- being unable to leave bed or decreased over all mobility
  4. People who sits majority of the time
  5. People who tends to stand for long periods of time
  6. People who work out (compression socks may be beneficial for reducing muscle soreness and post exercise recovery)
  7. Traveling- Long flights, drives. 



Where to get them?

Our Physiotherapist at Lifecare Physiotherapy, Almonte is trained to fit people with compression garments.


Are they covered by Extended Health benefits/Health insurance?

Compression socks can be covered by your Health Insurance and most of the Insurance companies require a doctor’s                prescription. You can get more information by calling your Insurance company. 


How to decide the compression gradient?

We recommend consulting your family Doctor regarding compression gradient and getting measured and fit by a professional like our Physiotherapist to ensure you are wearing the right sock.


Are these only for women?

Compression socks are for men and women.